Brittany Hagerty’s One Night In Paris

Buzznet:What was your high school prom theme?

Brittany Hagerty: Our prom was outside in a really pretty area. There were outdoor tents that were decorated with lights, fabric, fancy virgin drinks, catered food, fireworks, etc. They put little Eiffel Tower centerpieces on all the tables. If I can remember correctly, the theme was “A Night In Paris,” which at the time was funny to us because of the one and only Paris Hilton.

BN: Did you go with a friend or someone you had a crush on?

BH:I ended up going alone because my prom date went crazyyy. He was just a friend anyways, so I suppose I didn’t miss out too much. I ended up just hanging with all my closest girlfriends that night. They were also riding solo haha!

BN: What was your prom song?

BH: I don’t even remember having one particular prom song but I am pretty sure every Lil’ Jon song was huge at the time and for some reason we all loved dancing to hits since it was 2007.

BN: What did you wear to prom?

BH: I kidnapped my dad and made him take me to some silly bridal store because I refused to go to the mall like everyone else. I found a really cute dress that was sort of like a petrol brown; it was a short strapless bubble dress. I really loved it because it fit me like a glove, no hemming or taking in needed!

BN: Who would you take as your ultimate celebrity crush prom date?

BH: Oh man, this is a tough one here. I would LOVE to take Mr. Gosling. I feel that he would not only be quite the romantic but he would probably pull up in an amazing vintage car looking adorable since he is always fashionable 🙂 Then we would build a house together and paint every morning…oh wait.BN: What is your best memory from prom? BH: I’d have to say the limo ride, watching the fireworks, and all the amazing food. I loved getting to see all my classmates again, too, because I actually graduated 6 months earlier. Prom was the first time in a long time that I had seen them!

BN: How did your date ask you to prom? BH: It kinda just happened in class one day and I honestly felt like “Eh, why not?” Sooo romantic, go me. Like I’d said before, I never ended up going with him. Lucky for me he did show up still and tried to make me mad–didn’t work thankfully!!

BN: What makes a memorable prom?

BH: A prom is memorable when the surroundings are gorgeous and you have all of your best friends there with you at your side. You kind of have to realize this may be one of the last times you all have the ability to be together, so make sure you enjoy every second of it. Forget how your hair looks or how skinny you look in your dress (In the end I promise that is not what you will remember) but focus on what is important and don’t take any second of it for granted 🙂

BN: What would be on your prom playlist?

BH: My prom playlist now would consist of a BUNCH of Drake, Weezy, Britney Spears, NSYNC, Brand New (for the slower jams), The Used, a few dubstep favorites, and, of course, toss in some radio hits. We can’t forget the BIEBBBBS!

What was YOUR favorite memory from Prom?!