Britney Spears – Circus [Scaretale 2012 Version] Music Video [1st Anniversary]

Hey guys, finally this video is done!I know it’s such a long time I don’t upload a video and I’m so sorry for that but I had tons of stuff to do for Uni, two exams to prepare and one to get yet and making videos really was in the end of my list, for a period I opened the pc just a hour in the evening just for checking some updates and nothing more. But today I finished this video I promised for the 100,000 views of my channel, now that I reached them I decided to upload this video, it’s been such a long work and I also get mad because of Sony Vegas didn’t save me a part of the project, so I had to do almost half of it again! I’m pretty satisfied about the result, I really love Circus song and all the performances Britney did along “Circus Era”…I chose to do a different intro, with a part of Nightwish song “Scaretale” includes in their new album “Imaginaerum”, I think it fits in a perfect way!Yesterday was also my first YT anniversary here with this channel and damn, it’s an amazing way for celebrate with this video!

I hope you appreciate it and if you want you can leave a comment below and push “like” button 🙂

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