I Blame The Planets

People are far from my favorite creatures on this planet. I know we are all one energy and connected, but some of you make me embarrassed to be in the same realm. There is this recurring lesson I continue to learn through my life over and over. Im finally starting to take something from it. You can not count on other people. I know this sounds really negitive and depressing… I guess it kinda is. From every aspect of my life when I start to lose 100% of my independance and put it into someone else it only back fires. My best advice for you is to be 100% independent from every angle possible. You can not count on people to be there for you, you can not count on someone else to make you feel better or help you reach a goal. If you only count on yourself you’ll never be let down.

Im trying to understand why people say things they don’t mean? Don’t come into someone’s life and say what sounds good at the moment. Words are your most powerful weapond and if you use them wrong you will have to pay for their consequences at some point. I don’t say things I don’t mean. I don’t understand what the point in that is. Actions speak louder then words. You have to draw the line and jump at some point.

Law Of Attraction doesn’t always work if you hold onto things that shouldn’t be in your energy anymore. You can’t be nice and go out of your way for people all the time if you only surround yourself with assholes.

Im working really hard to finish my books and get my collections made for the S/S 2013 showcase in Vegas this summer. I have a few magazine interview’s and editorial to shoot in the next few week’s as well as trips to Miami, LA and Toranto.

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