So it’s now 5 years since I opened my account on BUZZNET !! I actually spent almost 4 months trolling around here checking out mostly band photos before I joined. I came to Buzznet because of my favorite band AFI never even thinking of joining and staying here for so long. My first friend was SEB and Spanky the Monkey. After that came a lot more friends and I couldn’t have asked for more wonderful people than the people here on BUZZNET. It’s been such a pleasure to see photos, blogs and videos that you have posted on here. There are so many creative, fun and lovely people here who have made this site my second home though the years.

The Twins, Dr. Mojo and Flojo got together to be part of the celebration and have some very exciting things to come. They have been making plans for some much needed comic relief at Bizarreland !!! My Squirrely’s will still be bringing you their adventures every Wednesday. And of course Ozzy and Sharon will be here since they have made a home here also.

So now I have to tell you about the confetti in the photo, it’s not really confetti at all. This was from a computer back in the late 60’s there were no personal computers back then. Only big businesses had these huge computers that had a room of their own I worked in a book company that had a couple of them and they had cards that printed out and these tiny numbers came out of them. I think they are called Chads !!! I have a large envelope of these tiny numbers that I saved from over 40 years ago 😀

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