Backstage Buzz At American Idol: Judges Talk About Their Not-So-Surprising Save!

Last night at American Idol, the season’s most talked about front runner, Jessica Sanchez was outed by America’s vote after Wednesday night’s performance show. While the audience was stunned by the news, gasping, yelling and hoping the judges would use their one save of the season, the 16-year-old took center stage to sing for her life.

It wasn’t a big surprise to see the judges run onstage to announce they were, in fact, saving Jessica. When Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler stopped by the press tent aftert he show, they explained their decision and why they think Jessica’s star fell so far in one week.

“I think every season it happens every time,” Randy explained. “I think what happens, honestly, is people forget to vote and they think their favorites are safe. I mean you saw that bottom three. Oh my god, it’s like ‘What’s going on?'”

Song choice is also a contributing factor to the rise or fall of every Idol hopeful.

“They’re all one song away [from elimination], because this is a game show,” Steven said. “It’s a reality show where America’s vote is on if they don’t sing [well]. It’s because they don’t have a good song. It doesn’t mean they can’t sing. [Jessica] is as good as it gets and she’s 16.”

Now that the save is gone, every contestant has to bring their A-game to every performance going forward to win viewers votes.

With the finale just over a month away it’s definitely going to be a fight to the finish!

Do you think the judges were right to save Jessica? Who do you want to win it all? Tell us in the comments!