Backstage Buzz At American Idol: Who’s Crushing On Phillip Phillips?!

It’s kind of a given that the contestants of American Idol are instant celebrities. They receive all the swanky treatment of seasoned Tinsel Town entertainers and in some cases catch their eye in a more than friend way!

Since the auditions, Phillip Phillips has been a stand out among the contetstants. After Wednesday night’s performance show, it was obvious that Idol fans aren’t the only ones crushing on Phillip! During the second half of the show, host Ryan Seacrest admitted that his girlfriend and former Dancing With The Stars dancer, Julianne Hough was girling out backstage when Phillip was close by.

Although Ryan was playing it up on camera that he was on the defense about it, he has nothing to worry about. When we caught up with Phillip after the show he told us about Julianne’s reaction to meeting him, adding that there’s no way him and Julianne would ever be anything more than friends.

“I think she got all giddy [when we met],” he told us. “I ain’t complaining—she’s a gorgeous woman. but Ryan’s an awesome guy, so they’re an awesome match.”

Aww, leave it to Phillip to say the perfect thing!

Do you think Phillip and Julianne would make a cute couple? Who are you rooting for to be the next American Idol?