Backstage Buzz At American Idol: Colton Speaks Out After Shocking Elimination

Last night’s American Idol was no doubt a shocker. Colton Dixon, the fresh faced Christian rocker (who, BTW, never intended on audtioning for the show this season) had to say good-bye to the Idol spotlight. From our seat in the audience we were surrounded by gasps and boos directed at the results as Ryan Seacrest sent Hollie Cavanagh to safety.

While Phillip Phillips hung his head in diebelief and Hollie let loose a waterfall of tears, Colton watched his farewell video package and sang his final song for the Idol audince. There was no mistaking his disappointment.

When we caught up with Colton after the show, he was in better spirits and explained why he thought he was sent packing and lent a little advice to the Idols left standing.

“I think song choice killed me last night,” he told us. “So for the remaining contestants you gotta make sure you’re on your A-game because song choice is so key in this competition. You just gotta make sure you’re on all the time. After feeling what the bottom three felt like, I’m glad I’ll never have to be there again, but it is weird. All of this is so overwhelming, but I’m letting it roll off my back.”

While Colton plans to pursue a career in Christian rock music, he’s excited to get started on a record knowing the judges have his back.

“We couldn’t ask for better judges here on American Idol as contestants. They really care about you and they’re so influential,” Coltin smiled. “Randy [Jackson] has worked with a couple Christian acts said, ‘Dude whatever you do, let me know and we’ll make it happen.’ and I love that. Jennifer [Lopez] didn’t want to leave the stage and it was so cute, I loved it, it was awesome! Steven [Tyler] mumbled something in my ear and I missed it, but I love them all so much and they are so supportive of what I’ve done. I really appreciate all they’ve done for me.”

We’re definitely bummed Colton is out of the competition, are you? Let us know in the comments!