Dip-Dyed Hair Trend Is Here To Stay!

Before Dip-Dyed hair became popular, there was Ombre hair which faded from light to dark or vice versa in one chosen color, nothing too drastic. But more recently, the modern take on it is Dip-dye, which can include any fun and bright color! I’m sure you all have seen some celebs and fashion icons rocking this trend, incuding our very own Audrey Kitching! While some are saying that this trend is fading (see what I did there?) I believe otherwise! In fact, this trend is becoming even more popular as a lot of people are just now discovering it.

I plan on dip-dying my hair as I finish school later this month just to give it a try because I love trying out new hairstyles and colors on my hair. I recently did red peek-a-boo highlights, but unfortunately they have turned an ugly orange-yellow color. I don’t know which color I’m going to dip-dye it yet but it will either be purple, blue or pink! Let me know which one you think I should do!

Look through this gallery to see all kinds of cool & hip dip-dyed hair & let me know which one is your fave!

Have you tried dip-dyed hair yet? And if not, would you want to?