Ashton Kutcher To Play Steve Jobs!

Who knew that Ashton Kutcher‘s next role would be to play Steve Jobs? Because, I sure didn’t see it coming! Over the weekend, it was announced that Mr. Kutcher would play the late founder of Apple Steve Jobs in an indie biopic!

Ashton is taking this role very seriously because he feels he connects to Steve and is he himelf is also very into technology. This is unlike the other roles he’s played in the past since most of those were comedy-related. He has already cancelled everything on his schedule, including other projects (what happens to Two And A Half Men?!) he is working on because he wants to focus on this as much as he can.

Producer Mark Hulme told Flash, “he is already meeting with folks that knew Steve Jobs. He’s working with professionals to get inside the voice. He’s letting his hair grow out. I understand he’s canceled all meetings and actually canceled all other projects. He believes the role was meant for him.”

Does anyone else think it’s crazy how much Ashton actually resembles Steve?

Although I’ve always seen Ashton as a funny dude in comedy movies and roles, I’m looking forward to seeing a serious side of him and how he is going to portray the role of Steve. It will definitely be interesting.

Are you looking forward to seeing Ashton take on the role of Steve Jobs? Do you think they casted the right person?