Artist Of The Month: LIGHTS

Hey there, folks! Welcome to the second installment of Artist Of The Month! This month I have someone very dear to my heart to share with you guys. Some of you may know her, some may not. She goes by the name of LIGHTS and she has brightened up my world immensely in the past 4 years.

I first discovered LIGHTS back in 2008. I was watching The Hills and “Drive My Soul” was featured. It was love at first snippet. I immediately bought her EP and I’ve been hooked ever since. I also found out that she was the one singing all of those catchy tunes in the Old Navy commercials at the time. Once her debut album, The Listening, came out in 2009, it pretty much turned into a love affair. The way she incorporates mythical creatures with real-life situations into her lyrics fascinates me. It turned me on to a whole new way of thinking and a new love for synthpop. In October 2011, her second album, Siberia, was released and changed my life completely, with songs like “Heavy Rope,” “Cactus In The Valley,” “Everybody Breaks A Glass,” and “Flux and Flow.” Those songs made me feel less alone. We all need that, right? Siberia is a bit grittier than her previous releases. It really showcases what she’s capable of and I hope she continues to raise the bar on future projects.

I have the privilege to see LIGHTS live on April 20 in NYC! Check back that night for a show review with pics, (if I can get any good ones) set list and more! *insert fangirl shrieks here*

If you want more info on LIGHTS check out these links:




Are YOU a fan of LIGHTS? Has she changed your life in any way? Let’s discuss!