Team Courtney Galiano Raises Over $20,000 For The Multiple Sclerosis Walk!

Congrats to my friend Courtney Galiano, and her amazing team of friends and family who came out to support her during her first MS walk this weekend. Together we raised over $20,000, ate 4 dozen bagels, and completed the very grueling warm-up from the guy in the referee shirt.

Courtney is no stranger to the spotlight having been a fan favorite and All-Star on SYTYCD, having a reappearing role on Glee, and hosting her own dance convention The Beat. (Together we took over the April 2009 Cover of Dance Spirit Magazine, and entertained the masses in China with our smooth kip-ups)

If I have learned anything this weekend is that, there are going to be a million people that fall in and out of your life. You will meet thousands of souls, and have hundreds of chances to say hello and goodbye.

People get busy in their lives, and careers, ballet classes and relationships and ti-vo’d tv shows, but that there are far more people than you would ever believe, that would have your back when you most needed it.

I felt that today in Courtney’s case. We dancer bunch moan and groan at any call time before noon, and today 40 of the biggest stars in the dance scene showed up at 7:30 with smiles and hugs for our Court.

It’s just such a beautiful thing to watch, the power of the human spirit.

Enjoy the photos from our inspiring day!


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