All the inspirations and funny facts behind the Zero Gravity Photos

Me and Vespertine did 5 different looks for the Zero Gravity campaign. Some of them we sketched and some of them we created vision boards for.

The song is called Zero Gravity so we didn’t have to think much when creating this image. I’d seen too much space in pop culture the past year so I wanted to go some totally different place instead of the obvious night sky. The whole campaign became very blue sky + white clouds, fantastical parallel dimension feeling which is the overall vibe for my new album as well 🙂

The first image we shot was the single cover. We wanted to have it all white on white to have an extra clean feeling with lots of floating elements. I made the body harness out of an old hand bag and spent 4 days hand pearlizing the shoes! <3

Concept: Vespertine+Kerli

Photo: Vespertine aka Brian Ziff (

Hair, make up and styling: Kerli

Shirt+Pants: Liina Stein

Body harness + Shoes: DIY Kerli

The final image:

Making of the outfit: