Adam Lavine Reveals New Maroon 5 Album Details

So by now we all know Adam Lavine is single — and that is exciting and all but what about the news of Maroon 5’s new album? The sexy front man called into KISS FM this morning to share news on the band’s next album; Overexposed, his busy schedule and his new TV gig outside of The Voice.

On the sound of the new album Lavine revealed, “It sounds really awesome. It sounds different I think,” he goes on to explain, “there’s a lot different flavors and it’s kind of our ‘pop-iest’ record — but it’s also not, and basically is.” Lavine acknowledges that is a confusing description, but assures the record will be pleasing to the ears.

Check out Adam’s full interview above to find out what else he shared about the new album and his new TV role. You can catch Maroon 5 at this year’s KISS FM Wango Tango in LA.

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Are you more excited to hear Adam is single or that there is a new Maroon 5 album coming soon?