5 Reasons Why You Should Love NANA

Well, I think all of you already know my love for this manga by Ai Yazawa.

NANA talks about two girls with the same name (Nana) and the same age which meet by chance on a train toward Tokyo. Both want to start a new life in the city, one (Nana Osaki) wants to become a famous singer, the other (Nana Komatsu) wants to live there with her boyfriend Shoji and her friends Junko and Kyosuke and to find a job and a new apartment.

They meet again when Nana Osaki finds the apartment and then they decide to live together and divide the rental.

NANA means “seven” in Japanese and this number is really linked with Japanese culture and it’s considered magic and it recurs a lot of times in the manga. For example the apartment the two Nana buy is the 707 (a bad luck number in Japanese culture) or July 7, the day of fireworks in Japan and more…

The story is really funny and the drawings are so real, you laugh, you cry, you move a lot with this manga.

After a silence of two long years, after a bad illness, the death of her mother and Japanese earthquake, seems Ai Yazawa started to draw and write NANA again. Seriously I can’t wait to read how the story ends since it stopped in a really bad moment (I won’t reveal it for all of you didn’t read it)

There’s also the anime serie in two seasons and two movies with real actors.

I advice you to read this manga and enter in NANA’s world because it’s amazing and if you aren’t convinced yet, these are 5 reasons for to make you the wish to start to read it!