DIY – From A Toilet Paper Roll To An Elegant BubbleGoth Cuff

DIY – From a toilet paper roll to an elegant BubbleGoth cuff

what you need:

-toilet paper roll

-spray glue or any glue u have

-E6000 or any glue u have


-any fabric

-whatever embellishments. Make it yours! 🙂

I realized today that toilet paper rolls have a really nice shape and since I often use cardboard as a base for the jewelry I make, I figured it would make a nice cuff or maybe a hair cone (my new obsession!)

There’s really not much more to it then measuring the roll to be the length of your perfect cuff, cutting a slit into it, covering it with fabric and embellishing it. I figured the easiest way to tie the cuff (let me know if you have a better solution) is to make the ribbons a part of the embellishment.

My cuff is very BubbleGoth – it has the dark side and the cotton candy side and some Alice in Wonderland inspired bunny stuff (actually a $3 ring from forever21 that broke).

Check it out, make some of your own and show them off during the MoonChild Monday by submitting your arts and crafts projects to our email:



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