15 Things Everyone Should Know About Love

My friend Bree said to me the other night (yes, buzznet bree, we miss her right?!)

” i really appreciate your “take no prisioners, i don’t care” approach to things. It helps me feel tougher than I am.”

I love that, because that’s the entire way to make your life easier. To live without fear, it’s also the hardest thing in the world, because as human beings, we are such tiny little fragile things that our entire lives revolve around feeling fear. It’s really hard to love without fear, or not fear being left, abandoned or broken. i struggle with it everyday of my life. I guess I just wanted to pass on something that you will learn in your own time, with your own heart, that I’ve learned the hard way.

I know I cannot stop you from going through these things, or getting hurt, but I feel like I have the chance to help you along in your struggles and it’s the most important thing to me.

I hope these 15 things that i wish someone had told me about love, help you.


Heartblog: I Hope You Feel It When I Go photo 1
Heartblog: I Hope You Feel It When I Go photo 2

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