When You’re Not Working On Something, Choose Something Else To Work On!

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”-Maya Angelou

My good friend Leah sent this quote to me today with this little thing she said at the end, “Perfect words for a perfect time. Been a rough week at ‘work’ for me. I have to remind myself that I dance for me, because it’s what I love to do. ♥ “

I have to agree with her 100%.

There are ups and downs in everything in life. Friends, family, work, and relationships. It’s in those low points you make sure to count your blessings. Remind yourself of what you have rather than what you don’t.

Always try and make yourself better. Even if you feel like no one is noticing or changing. Do it for you. Know that something else greater will be served to your plate if this one thing doesn’t work out.

The line of “work” I am in has so many ups and downs. It’s hard sometimes to keep my head up and keep going. To be honest, I forget sometimes that I am doing what I love! I have to slap myself in the face and say YOU CHOSE to take this path, so do it to your BEST capability.

Everyone has multiple talents. I’ve started to realize that you have to capatilize on them. Each and every one of them. You don’t want to regret not doing something because you never took the initiative. When things are slow in one area of your life, take that time to focus on something else. For me, when dance is slow, I try to blog and write more to get better at hosting and taking classes. I love practicing so I take more classes and try new things! Its almost a blessing in disguise to get better at other things in life!

Words I’ve collected for anyone that is in the industry:

Not every job is for you. Even though we all want them to be, lol, it’s just not reality.

Just because you didn’t book something, doesn’t mean you are a terrible person! It might be your hair is too short, lol.

It’s difficult because there are many things you can’t control. Your height, skin color, hair texture, eye color etc. So when you get the X, you can’t beat yourself to the ground.

I always hear, “That means this job wasn’t meant for you and something else will come from it and you didn’t get it for a reason.”

I FINALLY can fully, firmly believe in that saying. So many times I want to rip my skin off I’m so aggravated on not getting something, but then see months later if I would have booked it, I wouldn’t of met this person at that coffee shop because I would have been in rehearsal and now wouldn’t be on this job, opening many more doors etc etc.

So have faith! Not in any religious way, but just faith in yourself as a talented individual that things will happen when they may.

In the mean time, keep fighting for what you want.