Inspiration behind Zero Gravity – MUSIC

It’s really funny how Zero Gravity came about.

You all already know what a fan I am of Sir Richard Branson and his vision. So when I heard that everyone who can afford to, will be able to buy a ticket to space, I thought to myself, “This is incredible! Who would have known I can witness this during my lifetime? I should write a song about this and it should be called Zero Gravity.”

I started writing a version of it but I start ideas all the time and move on unless I feel like I have something really special so I kinda left that idea behind.

Fast forward a year, I was in Stockholm after having toured and doing sessions all summer. It was my last day of writing for the trip actually and someone had booked me 2 sessions for that day. I was definitely not excited to write cause I was just exhausted from everything. I did my first session and had like 5 hours to go and do the other session. I walked in and after endless searching of the perfect collaborators, I had kinda given up on the idea that any producer would actually get me and become my musical soulmate. Little did I know that this was the day I was gonna meet my favorite producers and friends for life.

So I walked in and played them Space Junk by Wolfgang Gartner and told them that I wanted to channel that but also mix some etherial elements into that. Something like Enya or classical music. Something that sounds like angels on acid.

Seventy eight sat down and started programming the piano and some beats and I was instantly blown away by how effortless it all was. The melodies just came and 5 hours later we had Zero Gravity written, recorded and produced rom scratch. I actually can’t wait to share all the other music I have done with these guys. They are the future and there’s just this energy in the room when we work together, like we get giddy with excitement cause magic just happens and music comes through.

I always do a lot of research for lyrics, so I order used books from amazon and stuff to find cool worlds from metaphysical and spiritual literature. The lyrics of Zero Gravity are actually written in the honor of Air spirits – sylphs.

I love the air element and it kinda seems to be something that keeps popping up throughout the music I make.

I know it sounds like a love song and that’s intentional but it’s actually about merging with the spirit, becoming all love. Hopefully you will feel love when you listen to it cause that’s honestly the only kinda emotion I’m into bringing into the world at this point. Hopefully you’re coming on this journey with me cause our potential as spiritual beings is limitless and we are meant to be beautiful, full of joy and celebrating every moment of being alive. We’re given breath when we’re born and it’s taken away from us when we die so I don’t wanna waste any time not feeling, giving and receiving all the goodness there is.

Zero Gravity is out in a week and until it is, keep unlocking the cool stuff we have in store for you on my Facebook page, in the Zero Gravity app.

Love u so much,