Wildfox x Francesca Lia Block = Magical Creatures

Wildfox Couture recently teamed up with critically acclaimed author of my FAVORITE NOVEL “Weetzie Bat,” Francesca Lia Block, for another incredible collaboration titled ‘Magical Creatures.’It is a story written by Francesca (who has been an inspiration for Wildfox creators, Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon, for as long as they can remember). Together they successfully based a collection of dreamy T shirts on the story featuring 3 very different, magical girls who live in Wildfox cities –Ella, a fairy from Los Angeles, Cherie, a gypsy from Paris, Dahlia, a witch from New York.” The story involves their important friendship, a metaphorical weaving of magic and mystery, beautiful clothes, and romantic back drops – this is seriously a match made in heaven! Which Wildfox girl are you? You can read the whole story, meet the characters and see more inspiration for the collection at Magical Creature.