Why Is Lindsay Lohan Still Hitting People With Her Car?

Just when we thought Lindsay Lohan had nowhere to go but up, she gets herself into some sort of trouble! The troubled actress has been attempting a revival of her acting career as of late, now that she seems to be getting away from her previous troubles…. until now. Lindsay’s car allegedly brushed up against a person’s body while pulling out of a parking lot in Hollywood before driving off, E! News reports.

According to a Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman, officers responded to a call shortly before 1am on March 14th from a man who claims that the Mean Girls star’s Porsche “brushed up” against him at a parking lot near Hookah Lounge in Hollywood. Lindsay and a friend were in the car and attempting to leave when a flurry of paparazzi surrounded them. As the vehicle moved past the people, it allegedly brushed up against the man, even though the paparazzo were yelling warnings.

Police could not determine who was behind the wheel and no harm or injury has been claimed, so no charges have been filed.

This isn’t the first time Lindsay’s car has been accused of making contact with people: in January she was served by not one but TWO lawsuits involving her car striking pedestrians.

Do you think Lindsay is at fault for this, or do you think the man is making a big deal out of this to cash in on Lindsay?