Which ‘Glee’ Star Was Caught Nude?

Her character may come off as a bit innocent on the hit TV show Glee, but fans of the show know that she’s really not all that innocent. Now with nude photos surfacing, fans of Glee and non-fans alike will come to know that the actress who plays the hilarious Brittany S. Pierce is also not that innocent! Glee star Heather Morris is the latest celeb to have naked photos turn up for the public to see.

The 27-year-old dancer-turned-actress’ cell phone was reportedly hacked and a batch of photos of Heather posing completely nude for a webcam surfaced online on Sunday, March 11th, reports Perez Hilton. While Heather has yet to comment on the photos, she has admitted to taking nude photos when questionable photos of her turned up online in May 2010.

She told Extra: “I kind of thought it might happen. I understand completely where it came from. For me, I think they are beautiful. It’s not something I’m ashamed of. Everybody should do tasteful beautful nudes — so when you get older you’re gonna be like, ‘Oh that’s when my body looked so great.'”

Heather joins the ranks of Vanessa Hudgens, Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna as well as Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks, whose supposed nude photos leaked online just last week.

What are your thoughts on celebs taking nude photos: totally fine, overrated or uber-tacky?