Miami Day 2!

MIAMI DAY 2 – working on mixes for my first 4 singles, getting sunburnt and Madonnas MDNA release party

I had a hard time adjusting to the time difference in Miami, although it’s only 3 hours, I never go to sleep till 3 in LA so that would be like 6 am in Miami..having to wake up 10ish for meetings and stuff…made me really grumpy. Day two started with breakfast with my a&r Chris (who doesn’t know, a&r stands for artist & repertoire – in other words, this is the person at your label who is responsible for delivering the music with you). Chris is THE BEST A&R in the world. Besides being the most spiritual person I’ve met in the business, he’s also responsible for finding Pon de Replay for Rihanna and helping Katy deliver the whole Teenage Dream album so I’m really in great hands <3 We were going over mixes for the next singles and getting each other fired up. My team is so tight right now, I feel like I can just trust and go with the flow and see where it takes me, which is very very out of character for me.

After the breakfast me and my manager Bruce decided to take a couple of hours off and chill at the beach. I have not been at the beach like this for years. Went swimming too! Miami beach is so epic. Our hotel had a private beach and when we got there, we were greeted with a huge smile, free beach chairs and a sweet pool guy saying:”Welcome to Paradise, what can I get for you?:)”

We were enjoying ourselves so much we didn’t notice how sunburnt we got. Could have laid there foreveeeeer. I remember living in Estonia, sitting in my tiny cold room and googling places with light blue water like this, dreaming that I’d get to experience it one day. I feel so lucky to actually see everything I’ve dreamed of, materialize. Just goes to show that everything as possible as long as you don’t give up and work your ass off.

Fast forward a couple of hours, we were at Madonnas MDNA release party. Saw some of the best dj’s in the world spin, hung out with some great people and as of then, I’m a proud owner of her truth and dare perfume which smells like hydrangeas. lol. No, it’s actually pretty ok – the bottle looks amazing.

Typing this as I’m sitting on a plane flying back to LA and my computer is about to die so I need to run.

One more Miami blog coming <3

Love u kids.



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