17 Green With Envy Tops For St. Patrick’s Day

Sometimes, wearing green can be a bit daunting because depending on your skin undertones, green may actually look a bit off-putting. But, we’re here to tell you that the color green is cool, and here are reasons why: the color of money is green, the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake has the shade of Kermit’s skin color, and you can wear the bold hue for the upcoming holiday, St. Patty’s Day (don’t get confused with one of our awesome editors, Patty!).

So, we’re here to remind you that St. Patty’s Day is this Saturday, and to save you some time on what to wear, we compiled a whole bunch of tops to sport so that you won’t get pinched. We’re sure that you’ll be be the life of the party and that others will just be green with envy that they’re not wearing these fab tops we exclusively picked out for you.

Look through the gallery to see which top you’ll party in this Saturday! Which tops are you just envious to get?


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