Throwback Thursday: 90s Heartthrobs Freddie Prinze Jr. And James Van Der Beek

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a double whammy: 90s heartthrobs Freddie Prinze Jr. and James Van Der Beek both share their birthday today! If you grew up as a kid in the 1990s, you definitely remember Freddie as the hunky jock with a soft side in the teen flick She’s All That and you’d probably still call James “Dawson” if you saw him walking down the street!

In honor of the former teen idols of the 1990s, here are their best roles on TV and in film:

Happy Birthday Freddie Prinze Jr.!

I Know What You Did Last Summer

She’s All That

Down To You

Summer Catch

Happy Birthday James Van Der Beek!

Dawson’s Creek

Varsity Blues

Texas Rangers

One Tree Hill

What was your favorite Freddie Prinze Jr. and/or James Van Der Beek role?