Three For Free: Download Free Music From Laura Sheeran, Muhsinah and Fairfield

So you’re not a ‘Belieber‘ and don’t wish for J-Biebz to be your boyfriend? Nah, me neither. But do you still want some new music to spice up your iTunes playlist? Yup, me too. Well, I’ve trawled the net once again for the finest free downloads of the interwebz and here I present to you this week’s “Three For Free”….. You know the routine by now.

Laura Sheeran

Think that this songstress’ name sounds familiar? Could she be related to a certain flame-haired Brit sensation? “Congratulations Sherlock” as Ed is in fact her cousin. He even tweeted a link which helped Laura gain “1000 streams in half an hour” on her new single – impressive. Don’t expect the pair to sound alike however, the comparisons end and begin at family. Listen to Laura’s ethereal Goth-pop song “Forever Love” below.

Official links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD LINK


If Twitter bios were resumes, Muhsinah would be one of the most employable artists around. She lists her roles as “unsigned, GRAMMY® nominated, singer, songwriter, arranger, composer, producer, engineer” and is sharing her talent with the world by tweeting news of her latest music…and it’s FREE. You can get your virtual hands on several free tunes over the next four days – you can listen to “Somebody In My World” below to get a taster.

Official Links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD


Formed at the beginning of the year, Fairfield are a London-based indie-rock band lead by Georgia Inglis (better known as ex-MiMi Soya frontwoman Jorja). They may be fresh meat but with each member having past recording and touring experience, they’re hitting the ground running. Their latest studio track “To Fight Of Flee” is available to download via their Facebook BandPage – you can check out latest VLog before.

Official Links: Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, FREE DOWNLOAD LINK

Which is your favourite MPFreebie?

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