Taylor Momsen Swears She’s ‘Done, Done, Done’ With Acting

She captured our hearts as a child actress, in roles like Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and we loved her as Jenny Humphrey on the hit show Gossip Girl, but looks like Taylor Momsen is more about her music career these days. The frontwoman of the band The Pretty Reckless seems to really be enjoying rocking out rather than running lines – and is quite determined to stay away from the big and small screen!

When asked by Hollyscoop if she’d ever return to acting, Taylor replied:

“F**k no! Never! I am done, done, done… It’s good to finally be able to focus on music and not have to work on 10 jobs at once.”

Taylor is currently preparing to join rocker Marilyn Manson on tour.

Are you bummed Taylor isn’t going to be acting anymore, or do you like her better as a musician?