Tanlines Talk SXSW Style

One of the best bands we had the pleasure of seeing (and sweating profusely to) at SXSW last week was electro-pop duo Tanlines. Jesse Aaron Cohen and Eric Emm not only make infectious dance music, but they also have impeccable style, much like LMFAO (except not at all like LMFAO).

We got the chance to talk to them about their chosen SXSW attire, and they had a lot to say on the matter. You can watch the video below.

Also, today Tanlines’ debut album Mixed Emotions comes out today and you can (and should) buy it on iTunes. No, like now. You can check your horoscope later. In case you need a taste of it before you commit (for the very few of you who don’t blindly follow my word), you can listen to my favorite track “All Of Me” below as well.