The Talented Musicians of The Ruckus!

Since I can remember I’ve been infatuated with live music. And with the culmination of the Grammy Awards and music festival season on the brink (beginning with the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX last week), it got me thinking about the key players behind these invaluable live concert performances – primarily the musicians. It’s very seldom that we recognize the musicians playing alongside large acts like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Rihanna…but what would these popular artists be without them? Pretty much NOTHING! With that said, I’d like to introdue you to this trio of talented musicians: Fabian Egger, Will Wu and David Corwin. For those loyal followers of my blog, you will recognize these boys from my band, The Ruckus…but really, they are so much more!

These guys have all been playing since they were old enough to pick up an instument and have played alongside some heavy hitters in the industry (including Glee’s Darren Criss, Brian McKnight, Andre Merritt and Blaqstarr – to name a few). It’s safe to say these guys are ‘Jacks-of-all-trades’ in the music industry. They are best known as Smash Muzyk in the studio and also serve as active producers who arrange and write everything at the same time. David was even fortunate enough to record for a song for ABC Family! The trio are about to drop some original stuff they’ve been working on too and I can’t wait to hear it! I’m so lucky to have the oppertunity to work with such talented musicians. It’s really inspiring to be amongst individuals who are truly passionate about their craft. Check out the boys rockin’ out in my last music video for the grunge fairytale, “The Thrill!” They were so amazing!

David recently attended the 2012 Grammy Awards, so I was eager to discuss his experience with him. He mentioned how fantastic it was to see so much talent in one “OH MY GOD BIG ASS ROOM!” His only wish was that the pre-telecast was more in the spotlight because there are actually about 52 Grammy’s announced right before the main event (those awards are just as deserved and should be recognized). Luckily, with the success of artists like Adele and The Foo Fighters, it seems like music is heading in a more acoustical direction (with actual musicians) – which is a great thing for hard working musicians like these guys. Everything seems to be so programmed nowadays, so it will be refreshing to hear an instrument actually being played by a virtuoso (the only thing a machine will never be able to replace).

I often think about how much music has meant to my life and I realized live music dominates a lot of the best memories that I wouldn’t have without the hard working musicians behind it all (like these guys)! What makes it even better is I’ve been lucky enough to experience these boys in action first hand! But supporting music is something important for all of us music fans to do…So, what’s next for these fellas? More producing, more gigs, more touring and simply continuing to have a blast doing what they love! Cheers to that!