Take A Sneak Peek At Demi Lovato’s MTV Special!

We’re all aware that Demi Lovato has gone through quite the battle in the last year or so. Now the former Disney starlet is giving us even more insight to the struggles and triumphs she’s dealt with in a documentary which airs tonight entitledDemi Lovato: Stay Strong. In a sneak peek of the documentary, the 19-year-old inspirational entertainer speaks candidly and honestly about celebrating herself and dealing with her inner demons. At the end of the clip, she speaks about her unknown post-tour plans and reminds us: “Recovery doesn’t have a day off.”

In this first-look clip, Demi and her tour mates are seen having an impromptu dance party on the bus following a show. (Isn’t it lovely to see Demi have a genuine smile on her face?)

Check out the sneak peek below:

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Demi Lovato: Stay Strong airs tonight, March 6th on MTV at 10PM.

Will you be tuning into Demi’s MTV special tonight?