Suitcase Files: Bleeding Knees Club

You know what fascinates me? What musicians pack in their tiny little bags for tours that last like 12 weeks or more. Sure, band dudes are not exactly known for their penchant for showering or washing their clothes, and yes they often wear a variation of the exact same thing every day, but poking around someone’s suitcase is always a good time. Especially with the boys from Bleeding Knees Club, because they seem to have endless stores of amazing t-shirts (think cartoon cats in sunglasses or glow-in-the-dark yin yang signs) and also they have their own Australian words for everything which is totally cute and charming. A little background on them: they are Alex Wall and Jordan Malane, and they make party-rocking garage-surf-punk jams about hard-hitting topics like girls and being bored and having fun and raising hell. Their debut album Nothing To Do isn’t out til April 17 but you can listen to their music on their MySpace and follow their hijinks on Tumblr and Twitter.

Now let’s dig into their bags: