Sprinkles ATM

After trekking it to North Hollywood for some Japanese food with these boys, went on an impromtu trip to Beverly Hills to visit the Sprinkles ATM for the first time!

Ever since I saw a story about it on the news last month (or whenever it was), I’ve been dying to go.

It’s a complete experience, comparable to the excitement one feels when waiting in line for a Disneyland ride. No, really.I was acting very tourist-like, snapping away with my Nikon camera.

It’s a pretty cool process, that ATM. It has it’s own theme song, lets you choose from a variety of delicious cupcakes (including one for dogs) and shows you a video of it being vended to you. Then POP! The gates of glorious sweetness opens and when you eat it, you don’t feel as bad for spending 4 bucks on it.

I’d go back for a 2AM treat one night. It’s an experience.