Something Sweet: Bouquet Apple Tart ♥

You’ll need: ♥ 2 pie crusts ♥ 8 apples ♥ 2 table spoons sugar ♥ 2 table spoons brown sugar ♥ 1/4 of a cup of water.

First, you peel and cut 3 of the apples to make the puree. In a little pot, pour the water and add the cut up apples and the two kinds of sugar. Let it cook covered at low heat for about 15 minutes until you can mash it. Roll one of the crusts in a pie plate and pour the puree on it. Then, cut the other apples as if you were peeling them all the way to the core and keep the skin. Use the cut up pieces to make rose like shapes, using the skin for the outline the flowers. The apple pieces will be held up by the puree. Complete the whole tart and then fill in any wholes with miniature versions of the apple flowers. In the second crust, cut out leaves and create the details with the back of the knife. Add around the tart hiding the pie plate well and them bake in the oven for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Voilà!