Did Snooki Steal Alexander McQueen’s Design?

Oh, Snooks, we never thought we’d ever put your name alongside the great Alexander McQueen, but guess there’s always a first in everything. Apparently, the preggers Snooki recently launched handbag line (um, when did this happen again?) and one of them looks awfully familiar to the popular McQueen knucklebox clutch!

For the ‘knockoff’ version, you’ll only have to pay $49.99 instead of thousands for the real thing. For one, we’re shocked that the petite reality star even opened up shop, and now, we’re hearing that she may have stolen McQueen’s design?

Well, we’re pretty sure she’ll be literally using her own kunckle-clutch to throw some punches soon since she’s always in some kind of drama over at the Jersey Shore. Or, fist pumping with this bag might be even entertaining.

So, did Snooki steal McQueen’s style, or was she just ‘inspired?’