You Me At Six Write Theme Song For… A Rollercoaster

If you were to ask each of your favourite bands where they drew their inspiration from, you’d probably be surprised by the variety of their responses. While answers such as “my girlfriend” or “internal problems within the band” would be predictable, lately some artists are penning lyrics about more obscure subject matter. If you thought it was strange when Riot !n Paris wrote about fans’ Twitter profiles, you may need to think again after You Me At Six have been commissioned to write a rollercoaster’s soundtrack.

Speaking to NME, guitarist Max Helyer revealed that the band had been approached by the UK theme park Thorpe Park to write the music for their new ride, The Swarm. The band’s reaction? “We were over the moon about it because we’ve all been to Thorpe Park loads of times with our families and friends and we’ve got loads of good memories of being there.” So what does it sound like? According to Helyer, it’s going to be “a bit heavier” and “a bit hairier” so expect to hear a scream-free “Bite My Tongue” with a beard.

You Me At Six will release “The Swarm” digitally on March 18th. The ride of the same name will open March 15th. You can watch a POV video of the rollercoaster below.

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