Ryan Gosling As Walt Disney?

It’s no secret that Ryan Gosling L-O-V-E-S Disneyland. After all, Tinsel Town’s leading man got his start as a tween on the New Mickey Mouse Club in the early 90s and is currently notorious for taking his lady friends on Disneyland dates. So how much do you think it would mean for Ryan to play the man behind Mickey Mouse and friends, the man himself, Walt Disney? According to a movie poster circling the Internet, it’s possible!

However, while it’s totally possible for Ry-Gos to play Walt, the movie actually doesn’t exist (for now anyway!) – the poster is actually a fake fan-made creation. French graphic artist Pascal Witsazek released the fictional movie poster online over the past weekend. The poster is definitely very convincing, with Ryan donning Walt’s famed mustache and completing the credits with Ron Howard as the director. Maybe Hollywood should take a big hint?

Would you watch this movie if it were ever to happen?