Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Split?

Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling is on the market again, much to the delight of Ry-Gos fans everywhere (yes, I’m talking about YOU!). The 31-year-old real-life superhero and actor has called it quits with gal-pal Eva Mendes. The two, who were first discovered to be dating after a very public Disneyland outing, were rumored to have hit a rocky patch in the relationship recently and it turns out the rumors were true. Apparently Ryan had asked Eva to give him “time to think” about their relationship, reports Perez Hilton.

According to a “friend” of Ryan’s, Ryan and Eva were “having trouble seeing eye to eye… He was having dinner with a blonde model who said she was from Berlin. He tried to disguise himself with a woolly hat and scarf and seemed eager not to be noticed as they sat at a beach table, but he was clearly entranced by her.”

After six months of dating, looks like Ryan and Eva are over!

*UPDATE: This:

… became this:

Do you think Ryan and Eva will last for much longer?