Robert Pattinson Dares To Get Racy In ‘Cosmopolis’ Trailer

Goodbye Edward Cullen, helloooo racy Robert Pattinson! Rob’s upcoming movie Cosmopolis may not have a release date for the US just yet, but the trailer for the David Cronenberg film hit the Internet today! The 25-year-old actor plays a 28-year-old billionaire asset manager in Manhattan who sets out to get a haircut. The film, which will arguably be Rob‘s first serious adult film role, contains a lot of sex and violence – a far cry from his Twilight roots.

E! Online reports that in the movie, Rob “encounters his wife on several occasions, gets caught up in traffic jams caused by a presidential visit, finds himself cast as an extra in a movie, is stalked by two men and stumbles into a riot.”

Check out the intense trailer below: (*Warning: the trailer contains some pretty graphic images)

Fun fact: Rob wasn’t the first choice for the part in Cosmopolis. The part belonged to Colin Farrell until he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with shooting Total Recall.

What do you think of RPattz in the trailer? Will you be seeing Cosmopolis?