Rihanna’s Launching Her Own Clothing Line! Will You Guys Buy?

Rihanna is on a roll! Not only is she making a lot of buzz by collaborating with her old flame in the ‘Birthday Cake‘ remix and starring in the upcoming movie, Battleship, she’s going to be launching her own fashion clothing line.

The 24-year-old actually designed before – back in fall of 2011 for the Italian fashion house, Armani (yes, she’s also the spokesperson for the label)! But, now she’s venturing to her own line, and this time she claims that she wants to “design [and work] with designers that [she] respects.” Hm, will she be contacting Kanye West anytime soon to co-design with?

Let’s also hope it won’t feature sheer shirts like the top she wore earlier this week. Please, no! No word on when the clothing line will launch, but we’re super excited for our RiRi!

Do you think RiRi has a chance at making good clothes? Will you buy ’em?