Rihanna Set To Reunite With Chris Brown Onstage In Australia?

If Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s fans were riled up by the former couple’s musical reunion, they’re in for some big news: RiRi and Chris are rumored to be in talks to reunite onstage at Supafest in Brisbane, Australia reports MTV UK. Last month the two teamed up via collaborations on their songs “Birthday Cake” (hers) and “Turn Up The Music” (his) and while some fans were stoked about it, many were furious at the 23-year-old songstress for obviously forgiving her abusive ex.

A source close to both parties told NewsAU that a surprise performance at Supafest is a “definite possibility,” and if they do take to the stage together, it “won’t be decided until the last minute.”

Chris is set to headline Supafest on April 14th, along with Rihanna, Diddy and Missy Elliott.

What do you think of Rihanna and Chris Brown reunited on live TV? How do you think the public will react? Do you think they should or shouldn’t do so?