Real Life Style Inspiration: Lola Blanc

For this week’s style inspiration, I chose to discuss my friend and fellow Buzzmate Lola Blanc. She is a singer, songwriter, actress and blogger who currently lives here in Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of meeting her through mutual friends and was instantly refreshed to see another vibrant, quirky individual who strays away from the “normal” standards of beauty and fashion. I mean, she defines her personal clothing style as that of a My Little Pony mixed with an evil cyborg…see what I mean? The rising pop-star, already a spotlight stealer with her candy-colored wardrobe and vixen looks, has even made appearances in music videos for artists like Interpol and LMFAO.

Nonetheless, I was eager to talk “fashion” with her and found out her favorite clothing stores are Goodwill, miscellaneous vintage shops, LF Store and Kitson. Her favorite designers happen to be Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, House of Holland, Jeremy Scott, and…you know… Jeffrey Campbell. Her favorite color is turquoise (which is very apparent in her ensembles choices) and she can’t leave home without her pair of Night Walk shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. She is inspired the most by tales of overcoming difficulties (which I find quite interesting), being unrealistic (also interesting), colors and scents. Oh, and when she “grows up,” she wants to be a princess. Duh. Check out the colorful photo album I compiled of some of my favorite looks of hers…and make sure to check out last weeks fabulous Real Life Inspiration on the queen of the blogosphere – Madeline Pendleton!