Real Life Style Inspiration: Laura Cherrygrove of Bleached Mermaids and The Panda Kids!

Laura Cherrygrove is a tattoo artist from Berlin, Germany…and most importantly one of my newest and coolest friends! She has tattoo’d so many amazing people who basically run Berlin (like Peaches and Nadja Sayej)!She also does a project called Chlorophorm TV with her best friend, is a member of an all girl band called The Bleached Mermaids, and even did a fashion spread with Bonnie Strange!Needless to say, she’s a very busy girl! I’m so excited to share her super, cool style with you! She really is a modern day Club Kid and has definitely become one of my biggest inspirations!

She defines her personal style like it was 1986 and she was a Mötley Crüe groupie and in a 90s kinderwhore band at the same time (lace, leather, garters, tattoos and platform stilettos)! I found it interesting that not only does she like to shop at thrift stores, but also exotic dancer online shops! Her favorite color is bordeaux red and her favorite shoes are a pair of 8inch clear platform stripper stilettos – so cool! She is inspired the most by the 80s, fabulous fashion spreads and photos, and people who rock amazing hair colors. I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she responded: “I’ll live fast and die young…” Check out the colorful photo gallery of some of my favorite looks of hers along with the Bleached Mermaids 2012 teaser video below! And while you’re at it, make sure to check out last weeks style inspiration: Lola Blanc!

Bleached Mermaids 2012 Teaser from Laura’s Secret Movies on Vimeo.