Question of the Day: Where Do You Go When You Need To Think?

Hello Buzznet! Did you miss the QOTD? Probably not but mabs, amirite? I am not even spelling things correctly. I’ve been away doing things that are not party times, even though I wish they were. There was no punch and pie and we all know that those things mean party.

Most of yesterday, I was wandering about when I happened upon a church. The grounds where I was milling about was a hospital and it was associated with the Catholic church. It’s been a long time since I’ve been anywhere remotely hallow. Since I remember churches being quiet and rather ornate, I decided to have a peek at the church on the hospital grounds.

Pishelle‘s old church.

I guess my mind totally forgot about all the Catholic decor. It was really strange to go and look at it all again. I just couldn’t think there. I was really distracted by all the iconography and had very not okay thoughts.

If church is your thing, and I am sure for a lot of you it is, that’s great. I just couldn’t do it. I just went to the waiting room and and looked at the angel statue with the angry face trying to stab some other angel on the floor next to an American flag. OMG I PROBABLY SOUND REALLY MEAN AND I DON’T MEAN TO 🙁

What I am trying to say is, a lot of the Catholic iconography that I chanced upon yesterday kind of scared me. It was so angry to me. I just wanted to look at candles and lambs and stuff. I wanted happy thoughts instead of hellfire and what have you.

Anyway, I needed to think yesterday because of reasons and I ended up going to Panda Express and there were pandas on the wall and food and I was all “O OKAY I CAN THINK IN HERE AND EAT EGGROLLS.” So there I sat, ate, and listened to people being interviewed for jobs and laughed silently to myself. I walked around some more and looked at bronze nuns with scowls on their faces and dead rose petals in their hands that seemed to fall haphazardly on the floor.

Now here’s your Question of the Day (because you are probably tired of reading whatever it is that I am going on about): When you need to clear your brain and think, where do you go? Do you have a favorite place? How often do you go? What do you think about? Tell me stuff. Let’s party in the comments with our minds. GO!

Where do you go when you need to think?