Question of the Day: Have You Learned Anything From the Internet?

We are on the internet A LOT. Most of us here are on the internet more than anyone should ever do anything. How many cat photos can you look at before they stop being funny? Well, I am here to tell that you can look at an ass-grip of them and they will still make you laugh. This is how I feel about my time on internet:

Sorry for all the swearing.

So. Since we are here rather often, let us bestow upon each other the pearls of wisdom that our countless hours of lurking have given us. Let us talk about the brain nuggets that are now lodged in our heads from reading innumerable threads and what not.

Things I have learned from the internet:

  • Don’t get into fights on the internet – ever.
  • Someone is always going to be upset with something you’ve said because of reasons.
  • Don’t take the internet srsly
  • Most importantly, most people are awesome on the internet but IRL, who knows. Just have fun.

What about you? What have you learned from the internet?