Question of the Day: If You Won the Lotto….

What would you do?

Over here in La La Land, we have this thing called the Lotto. I am pretty sure other states have it too, but I can’t be too sure because that would mean I would need to fact check. I guess the Lotto is a way for whichever state you live in to collect money off of things without calling it taxes but whatever, people still do it anyway. I like ruining dreams.

Anyway, the Lotto prize this week is like over 500 million USD. That is a lot. That’s like a dollar a year ever since the Paleozic. Dino money. Can you even imagine? Probs not. Human brains aren’t meant to understand such large numbers. Way to go, nature.

I know we have done this before but since #IfIWonTheLottoIWould is trending on Twitter, let’s play along.

What would you do if you won the Lotto?