Question of the Day: First Day of Spring + Wrenches In Engines

Hello Buzznet! It’s the first day of spring so, hooray!. It’s time for high pollen counts and flowers and birds that don’t shut up at night. Really, though, that’s awesome! It’s time for pastels and sunny days out that don’t burn your flesh and make you look like a lobster.

Yay flowers! by BreezyBears

This morning, as we were talking about our usual morning rountines, we ended up talking about how if one thing goes wrong, you’re entire morning ends up in ruins. It happens and it sucks. I want you to tell me about something recent that happened to you that ruined your morning. Tell me about the wrench in your morning engine.

Just yesterday, as I was riding my bike to worky, I ended up getting a flat. It kind of sucked. I rode it for a bit anyway because I was lazy and then I finally stopped to fix it. Changing tires is a pain in the ass. You have to take off your wheel, try not get too much grease on your hands and then pop your tire off the rim. Not fun. It’s messy and stuff. It totally f’d up my morning times. It also took like, maybe 10ish minutes and my hands were cold. I wasn’t even ready to deal but I had to and I did.

Oh also, when you get shitty coffee in the morning. That is extra awful. Just make me a good mocha that doesn’t taste like chalk, tyvm.

Your turn!

What kind of things ruin your mornings for you?