13 So Fly Peter Pan Clothes (Plus A Mini DIY On The Collar!)

Literally named after one of our favorite childhood characters of all time, the peter pan collar is the ultimate garment that epitomizes both youthfulness and cutsey charm. Coveted by fashion bloggers from all over the world and celebs like Alexa Chung, who needs botox to look youthful when you feel young at heart with these peter pan collars?

For those who want to add spunk to their clothes, wearing a detachable collar is the way to go! So, why not add some funk and cuteness to your favourite clothes and make them even more favourite-r to wear (we know that’s not a real word, but we couldn’t hide our excitement). Plus, it’s relatively simple to diy (no sewing required)!

Let the DIY begin!

Inspired by our very own Audrey Kitching’s diy on the Miu Miu collar, all you need is an old buttoned shirt that has a collar (preferably ones with rounded edges since we’re trying to go for the peter pan look), and a pair of scissors. You can just cut out the collar out of the old shirt, leaving the button on the collar intact so that way you can easily wear it on your neck over your favourite top!

For more DIY tricks, you can visit any of the links below!

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And for the lazy ones like us, you can just shop these awesome finds from the gallery, so that you can show off how fly by unleashing your inner Peter Pan!


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