What Was Patrick Stump Doing On A Secret Video Shoot?

Looking for some more positive Patrick Stump news? Well, it looks like you may have found what you’re looking for. Yesterday, Patrick Stump was snapped “on set” with members of dance crews Amount Boyz and Poreotics but what exactly were they filming?

AV of Amount Boyz and the PoreoticsCan Trong Nguyen took to Twitter to share photos during their breaks from discussing “music, creativity and originality” and (presumably) dancing.

Even with the flurry of tweets, nobody knows why exactly the worlds of Patrick Stump, Amount Boyz and Poreotics collided. Is P-Stump acting, dancing or (maybe, just maybe) recording a new music video? Perhaps, Soul Punk will get its much-deserved second single alongside some body popping robotic choreography – hopefully.

What do you think the trio were filming?

What’s next – William Beckett hanging with Ashley Banjo and D-Trix?