One “Vulnerable” Night With The Used

If you are like me and you are a fan of The Used (which you should be if you aren’t) then you can undestand my extreme excitement to have attended their FREE show at The Troubadour last night. I felt like a little kid on Christmas, I couldnt wipe the smile off my face from the second I walked up to the venue!! The place was packed with dedicated fans from back in the day along with small kids who were even covered in “warrior esque” face paint to support the new cd “Vulnerable” which came out on this past Monday. The second the band came out the crowd went crazy, I was so impressed with how many people knew the lyrics to the new songs already! They played a few new songs to warm up the crowd but of course tapped into some oldies but goodies! There was a surprise performance by Will Francis from Aiden and more recently William Control/ Bert also decided to make a phone call to say hello to his mom mid set! Bert even let us all know that hes not only thankful for the constant support but the band plans to be around for at least another decade so get your ears and eyes ready!

If there is anything I can confidently say about The Used is that they have one of the most passionate mentalities and have a way of taking you away from your reality through their music. I was extremely impressed with this show and their new music and highly reccommend you go purchase their new CD asap!!!!!! Buzznet has recently announced The Used will be on all of The Vans Warped Tour this summer so be sure to go check their set out, I know I will!!!

Lots of love,


All Photos Are By Buzznet Staff Member Kate Cordova