#NowPlaying // February 2012 Edition

Here I am with my second blog dedicated about my monthly playlist.

I will try to write better and better in the next posts talking about different aspects of music and about the songs I listened in the hope you can be glad to read my blogs and support me as you always have done.

Of course, I couldn’t put all the songs I listen in a month because they really are a lot and I should write a novel each month hahaha … as I already said, in those monthly playlists I put new songs and also some old one but doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be listened or have some lines to say about them and give a judgment.

There still are some songs I didn’t put in this playlist as “Green Valley” by Puscifer, “Himmel Auf” by Silbermond, “Dove Sei” by Giorgia, “Look Around” by Red Hot Chili Peppers but I hope to have the pleasure to talk about this awesome songs in the next playlist.

Since February is considered the love month, I put some of love songs as “This I Promise You” by NSYNC, one of the songs I dedicated to my angel and you will find soon in another blog series about all my dedications for him and the reason why I chose it.

There’s also “I Wanna Die 4 U”, new Gianna Nannini’s single from her last album (#1 in Italy as most album sold), released a year ago, dedicated to her daughter Penelope. Gianna is one of the best Italian artists ever, I really love her and I reflect a lot in her songs. I think her last two/three albums are the best of her career. The music video has been shot in Berlin and it is a sweet piano ballad counterpointed with strings arrangements. The refrain as usual opens in a wonderful way and evokes huge open spaces where the voice soars undisturbed. I decided to share with you the magic music video directed by Kal & Ena.

Continuing to talk about Italian artist, Tiziano Ferro released his new single too “L’Ultima Notte Al Mondo” (The Last Night In The World). I have to admit that Tiziano never disappoints me and his way to write songs is unique and poetic. His last album “L’Amore E’ Una Cosa Semplice” (Love Is A Simple Thing) is really introspective and talk about who he is and all the problem he went through when he declared to be homosexual and after this a lot of his fans abandon him because his sexual orientation. This is so sad! Who care if he is homosexual or heterosexual? Here it’s not to judge this but his music. If his music is awesome, it will continue to be even though his nature. Sometimes human being are really superficial… The song talks about the research of past memories in a completely loneliness and silent status, in a way of interior research which take place in different moments of light and darkness.

And last but definitely not least the winner of the last Sanremo Festival: Emma. The 27 years old girl already took part at Sanremo last year reaching the second place with an Italian band called Modà. This year she come back with a song written by Modà singer. The second is called “Non E’ L’Inferno” (It’s not the hell) and talks about the Italian situation of the moment, in a deep economic crisis. Emma takes the place of an old man which faced two wars and he is in difficult to keep himself and his 30 years old son who is afraid to marry and become a father. It’s a sort of letter for Mario Monti, new Italian prime minister.

I decided to write you the English translation and sharing with you the music video.

I have… given the life and the blood for my country

And I am in difficult to arrive at the end of the month

I have… sworn fate while I was becoming father

In God’s hands his prayers

Two wars without the guarantee to come back

Only medals for the honor

If anyone hears this simple words

I talk for all those poor people which

Still believe in the good…

If you have conscience, lead and believe in the country

Tell me what I have to do for pay to eat

For pay where to stay

Tell me what I have to do

No, this is not, it’s not the hell

But I don’t understand how is possible

To think that it’s easier to dead

No, I don’t pretend ma I still have the dream

You listen me and don’t remain words

I have… thought to this invite not for compassion

But for look you in face and

Make you taste a bit of wine and a bit of eat

If you knew how much effort I did for talk with my son

That at 30 years old is afraid the dream to marry

And the nature to become father

If you knew how much is difficult the thought

That for a day of work

There’s who has more right than who believed

In the future’s country

No, this is not, it’s not the hell

But I don’t understand how is possible

To think that it’s easier to dead

No, I don’t pretend ma I still have the dream

You listen me and don’t remain words

Don’t remain words…

To think it’s easier to dead

I don’t, I don’t pretend it

But I still have the dream

That don’t remain words

Don’t remain words

Don’t remain words

Linking about this hope message, I decided to put in the playlist “Don’t Stop Believin” Journey’s cover sung by Glee cast. The situation is a bit different but both songs talks about the hope to never surrender and about young people who hope to realize their dream. I always cry when I listen this song.

Another song + music video that I would like to share with you is “Charlie Brown” by Coldplay. I always love every day more this amazing band. According to what Coldplay said, this is the first song they wrote for Mylo Xyloto album with the name LP5 and make reference to Snoopy’s character. I really love the last verse which say: “So we saw the reason why, We’ll be glowing in the dark” I think this is another key of hope in some way. I love the video because it reminds me a bit “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas with all those glowing strokes on the body and the party in a disco club. I love that atmosphere and how also with some verses a song can be awesome. Sometimes aren’t necessary tons of lines for express what you want to say.

I pulled out a bit this time, I hope I didn’t annoy you, this time I wanted to talk more about Italian music, because I think it’s great to know about artists of different countries and since I always listened tons of different music of different countries, I think it’s such a nice idea to talk about my country once. Feel free to leave a comment below writing if you loved the songs I chose this month and if you have new one to share with me I’m glad to know which these songs are.

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“Music is freedom”