The New Rebecca Black? Watch San Marino’s Questionable Eurovision Entry – “The Social Network Song”

Eurovision. Within the countries that participate, it’s infamous for bringing out the worst from the European musicians but until now, the phenomena of cheesy cringe worthy pop hasn’t spread worldwide. However, things may be changing judging from the internet’s initial reaction to Valentia Monetta‘s “The Social Network Song (OH OH — Uh – OH OH)” – San Marino’s 2012 entrant to the TV competition.

Although the YouTube view count is still relatively low (4,484 at the time of typing), it’s already amounting an impressively unimpressive ratio of likes:dislikes at 136:389. So why are people responding to the song so badly?

Is it the video? “Oh”. Perhaps – it does play slightly like a B-grade school project but it’s nothing worse than many budget artists’ musical movies if you excuse the extreme overuse of comic-book style thought bubbles.

Is it the auto-tune? “Oo”. Or maybe that should say “Ow”. I’m going to give Valentia Monetta the benefit of doubt and assume that she actually can sing – but her musical talents are certainly not present here.

Is it the lyrics? “Giggling”. With lines like “Do you wanna be more than friends? Do you wanna play cybersex again?”, the answer has to be a massive YES. According to Eurovision’s official website, it is satire but it’s far funnier to treat this as serious.

Is it the poor translation? “Googling”. Probably. Did Valentina really want to ask THIS man, “So you wanna make love with me?”. Or did they rely on Google Translate to find the English for “Uh-oh, my Dad wants to add me as a friend”? Or maybe Facebook just has different uses and gratifications in San Marino.

Whatever the reason it is, “The Social Network Song” needs to be seen. It won’t receive the same amount of awards nods as the similarly-titled film but it’ll certainly provide more laughs.

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